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Refined taste and class in a sustainable design bottle

We have a clear goal in mind: Striving for a sustainable taste experience. An experience that takes care of body and mind. At the same time, an experience that contributes to a clean ocean. We do this by combining design and taste with sustainability.


For the people

Healthy living and water consumption go hand in hand. The unique taste of our ocean water makes it not only healthy but also multifunctional. You drink it ice cold as a refreshment or you add it as a refinement to existing drinks, it is all possible. In this way, we want to contribute to a sustainable healthy mindset with taste. Both in water and design.

For the ocean

From the large amounts of plastic waste to the tiny microplastics, our oceans are still heavily polluted today. It may be a small change, but every plastic bottle less in the sea is one. That is why our extracted ocean water comes in a sustainable glass bottle with a reusable cap. In addition, we filter the water, which means that we remove tons of plastic waste from the ocean every year. In this way, we are committed to a more pure ocean.


In addition to our unique concept, we want to contribute even more to a clean ecosystem. That is why we are fully committed to various local initiatives such as “De Beestenbende” ( in which children from 8 to 12 years old throughout the Netherlands are asked to participate in collecting litter in the neighborhoods around their primary school. In small steps, we will arrive at a more sustainable society.

Stay in the know

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