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Our Story

Dive into the world of our Deep Ocean water


Where the journey began

Aquagen Deep Ocean Water is a unique product that originates from the arctic glaciers of Greenland. Once the water leaves the glacier, the long journey begins. It takes the ice-cold water through deep channels, across various oceans. Due to its origin and long journey, the water of Aquagen has absorbed many natural minerals and sodium. This creates the unique and pure taste of Aquagen. You have to taste its exquisiteness and freshness for yourself: an unforgettable experience.

See its exquisiteness and taste its freshness

We package Aquagen in crystal clear design bottles of 330ml, so everyone can have their own Aquagen, Still or Sparkling. Drink it ice cold, preferably without ice, so the pure taste is preserved. Drink Aquagen with sophisticated world dishes, as a surprising drink or simply as a hydrating refreshment.


Our Selected Awards

Our Deep Ocean Water has been honored with the IF Design Award in packaging category in 2015. Our water also won several golden and bronze awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Aquagen won more than 5 Golden Awards over the years.

Stay in the know

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