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Our Flavours

Our Deep Ocean water comes in different flavors to surprise everyone's taste buds.

Taste its freshness

Whether you like Sparkling- or Still Water, we can guarantee that our water will surprise everyone's taste buds. Drink it on its own, or add Aquagen water to any kind of drink. Use it as a mix in a cocktail or add a splash of our tasteful water to any dish to enhance their flavours. Spice it up by adding some lemon, raspberries or any kind of fruit. Or enjoy it fully on its own - it is up to you on how you fulfil your Aquagen experience.


Our water bottles bring design to your setting with our quality glass and minimal design.


Enjoy drinking our Deep Ocean water with zero worries. Aquagen has a pure taste and contains no calories.


Due to the origin of our Deep Ocean water we can provide an unlimited source of water


Aquagen water is available in still and sparkling. No artificial sweeteners or additives are added.

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