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More than just water

by Aquagen Europe

We are always passionate about our brand and try to offer as many people the Aquagen experience as we can. That’s why, for our own knowledge and more brand awareness, we recently attended the “Waterproeverij” In Amsterdam. This water testing workshop is hosted by sommelier Marielle Thiadens. During this workshop we learned about many different waters and their tastes, but we also had the pleasure to introduce Aquagen water to Marielle.

It’s not very often, that I taste an unknown water and have no words for it

She was kind enough to do her own research, and what astonished us was that she was highly impressed by the design and refreshing taste. “It’s not very often, that I taste an unknown water and have no words for it”, she wrote in her recent blog about Aquagen water. The terms “blue gold”, “natural refreshment” and “highly exclusive” are words that she agreed to match the brand.

In her blog she describes more about our water, where it is sourced and how it develops this exquisite taste. She then takes the time to describe her own Aquagen experience. “After the first slug of water, a fresh yet salty taste surprises me. I am pleasantly astonished!”, she then goes on to describe Aquagen Deep Ocean water as a perfect substitute for any kind of soda due to its natural fresh taste and containing zero calories. She would describe it as a “perfect healthy thirst quencher; perfect as a mix or on its own during the summer. But even that doesn’t cover the entire taste experience of drinking Aquagen water”. Lastly, she adds how Aquagen Deep Ocean Water is unique in taste, and more than just water.

We are pleased to announce that from now on Aquagen Deep Ocean water will be included in the water tasting hosted by Marielle Thiadens. Thank you Marielle, for your kind review and words!

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to experience the full on Aquagen experience, or learn more about our water and different flavours.